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Management and Executive Dashboard

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Management and Executive Dashboard

99% of the SME still rely on excel for MIS and they find it difficult to track their forex exposure on a regular basis. To reduce the dependency on excel and stay updated of your financial cost , we have brought the live Management and Executive Dashboard to track and manage your forex exposure better.It will help you to take informed decision all the time with ready data and calculations.

Management DashBoard FAQ's

Management dashboard is the Management information system that is required by the management to track their forex exposure .It shows the complete picture of the forex exposure from Hedge ratio, Average hedge cost, working capital cost, effective hedge cost and even Mark to Market (MTM ) of the forward hedges undertaken. Same can be tracked by a customer through our mobile app.

You need it is because so far you have been relying on excel sheet for your MIS which used to get updated either fornightly or on a monthly basis.With the help of RouteForex Dashboard you will to be able to track it live even on the move and can take informed decision.You can set various alerts around these features which will enable you to stay updated on the levels and condition of your portfolio if its going against you.

We haven’t heard of any company providing such service in India.This is a unique product which has been designed by Routeforex only.

It tells you the exact cost of borrowing or cost of capital for a particular period or particular currency including the hedge cost.

Effective hedge cost considers the exact cost borne by an importer or premium received by an exporter including the rate fluctuation during that time and forward premium received or to be received by him.

Yes you will be able to track your exposure month wise and currency wise also.

Yes you will be able to see your net exposure also.

Yes you can track your MTM live here for all the forward hedges undertaken by you.

Yes you can set various alerts here like hedge ratio, working capital cost , and even for effective hedge.