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Forex Risk Advisory

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Forex Risk Advisory

Treasury is a function in transition. Not too long ago, the corporate treasurer was usually seen as the bill payer of the company, the manager of cash flows but little else. It was a transactional role that sat squarely in the middle of the finance cost center. But today, the corporate treasurer is often seen as a strategic partner to the business units, and many companies consider their treasurer an executive-level decision-maker.

With the growing volatility, it has become really challenging for corporate to manage their forex exposure and protect their bottom line. Here at RouteForex we specialize in mitigating the currency risk through different hedging products and keep a check on the interest cost at all the times.

Companies which are into foreign trade and cross-border transactions are exposed to the risk of fluctuation in exchange rates and interest rates as their cash flows and profitability are inseparably linked to these factors. The risk is accentuated because the underlying variables, namely currencies and interest rates are volatile and dependent on a host of macro-economic and political factors.

To some extent, one can analyze the point of entry but special decisions taking is necessary for timely exit from the position. We appreciate the fact that corporate personnel cannot be expected to devote their entire time and effort to just monitor the forex market. We, therefore, intervene as an assistant of the corporates as far as management of their forex portfolio's goes. Capitalizing on our expertise and infrastructure, we assist corporates right from the stage of drawing up forex risk management policies, proceeding to setting up benchmark costing levels for transactions and managing forex risk through various customized hedging strategies. Our sole purpose is to see to it that we provide the corporate with all the inputs and advice needed for them to take an informed decision through the following: