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"Outsourcing Treasury Dealing was completely new thing for us, we were introduced with team RouteForex and they are doing flawlessly and most proficiently. We are delighted to see the improved bottom-line and scope to enhance the savings…It’s a great service provider to handle Fx exposure effectively."

Decon India PlasticsPrashant Acharya

"It has been quite an enriching experience for us , we have not only got valuable advice in managing our currency risk but also Routeforex has done considerable savings in getting us better rate from the bank. They even get us significant savings by timing the market for us at the time of execution."

Hughes SystiqueManish Kapoor

"We are a Basmati Rice manufacturer, with brand called Maharani Rice, we have tried and tested many advisors in forex in last 15 years but while talking and taking advice from Routeforex it’s a different experience. Their clarity of thought and in-depth knowledge set them apart."

Chamanlal SetiaRajiv Setia

"In a very short span of time routeforex has taken technology to different levels with all reporting of transaction has been automated & we get the notification of transaction with in second after transaction is complete. I am looking forward for their Managament Dashboard which they have developed . I wish them all the best!"

Fusion Power SystemKapil Sood

"It's a completely value for money services provided by Routeforex which is a unique services .I get to see the recorded conversation on my PC and track all the transactions done by them on our behalf with time of the transaction properly captured."

Agarwal ChemicalsRohit

"Enjoying good amount of savings through RouteForex on our FX exposure. We are very highly satisfied with their online transaction system and technology to handle the transactions. We found the team members are skilled and knowledgeable."

Edwards India Vacuum

"In the past we have been over charged by the bank, now for any forex booking with the bank we involve RouteForex.The hidden margins charged by the banks is gone now.Without knowing we have paid lot to banks in past years."

Quatrro GroupSanjay

"We are happy to outsource our day to day FX dealing to RouteForex as they are managing it efficiently and effectively. We could see not only savings but transparency in the transactions. RouteForex is acting as a guiding hand for us and now we can monitor the transactions and able to manage the schedule of transactions in a better way keeping banking relationships intact."

Shirodkar Preci Comp Pvt. Ltd

"We are happy to outsource our Treasury dealing to RouteForex…You are doing it perfectly, which is resulting in the cost-effectiveness."

Electronica group

"For us, Treasury outsourcing and Fx negotiation was a new thing, but RouteForex has done exceptionally good job and saved half a million Rupees in a single deal."

RSB Transmissions (I) Ltd.Gunesh Pardeshi

"It’s really a one stop shop for any forex requirement be it forex rate negotiation, arranging buyers credit at the cheapest rate or assisting and advising us on our forex exposure."

Tirupati Structurals

"We have an online platform of a bank for rate covering and i must say when Routeforex showed us a difference we were surprised to see a diffenence of 60 paisa, then and now we always take help of Routeforex team for rate negotiation."

All forge Cast IndiaLalit Kakrania

"We thank routeforex to help us and guiding us in doing Forex transactions. We recommend their services to corporates."

Frontline Electronics

"Routeforex has been advising me on my personal investment and i am very happy so far with the return i have got through forex trading."


"I have just opened a broking account through Routeforex and in first month itself they have given me a return of 10% which annualised becomes a return of 120%.I will increase my investment in case they are able to continue lie this till year end...Amazing!I wish them best of luck!"