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Routeforex is a full fledged money exchanger regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

|License number: FE.DEL.FFMC/U131/2017|

Routeforex provides foreign currency at best exchange rates in Faridabad Online. The exchange of foreign currency is a staple of international travel, yet it is more than likely one of the last items checked off the to-do lists.As travel goes though, it is always a necessity. Whether it's petty cash for taxi rides or the ability to pay for your first beer in the pub, we want you to celebrate more and worry less by arriving with the currency of your destination in hand.Routeforex remains here to service your foreign currency exchange needs quickly, conveniently, and most of all at a best rate.Routeforex allows you to book currency online or you can also place your currency exchange requirement by giving us a call.We stock 36 all major foreign currencies and Currencies are available in any denomination. We plan on revolutionizing the market for foreign exchange in Faridabad . Book currency in Faridabad online or by giving us a call and get your forex delivered on the same day within few hours at your home/ office itself.We are 100 per cent transparent with our customers and do not burden them with any other hidden charges.We also assure same day delivery within three to four hours.

RouteForex Lets You:

Buy Foreign Currency

Pay in rupees and receive foreign currency in Faridabad

Sell Foreign Exchange

Get Indian Rupees by surrendering your foreign currency in Faridabad

Why Use Routeforex Currency Changing services

Get your currency exchanged at rates better than other money exchangers in Faridabad, banks, airports Real-time, transparent and always competitive exchange rates.Routeforex buys and sells more than 30 foreign currencies from around the world. Whether you need U.S. Dollars converted into a foreign currency or foreign currency converted into INR,Routeforex can do it quickly, securely and at rates that are better than local banks and much better than airport exchange rates with our Best Rate Guarantee. Many major currencies are kept in stock daily for immediate availability. As well, you can reserve your foreign currency for free online or over the phone. Avoid counterfeit currency and untrustworthy money exchangers in Faridabad.
Get same day doorstep delivery at your home/ office. When you return, you can conveniently exchange the foreign currency for INR.

For the first time in India, you can see the live market exchange rates online 24x7 on Routeforex.Routeforex,unlike other money exchangers in Faridabad, does not apply the same exchange rate for the whole day. We operate on live and transparent rates that are available for all to see on our site. We even allow you to freeze these live rates on our site so you the exact rates that you see.If you live in Faridabad, you can now order currency online or you can call us and have it delivered right to your door. Major and minor currencies are available for purchase and can be shipped to your home or office. You can even select next-day delivery.

Routeforex brings together a mix of never-before-seen features, superior customer focus and an extensive nationwide service network to provide our customers with the best currency exchange in Faridabad. If you are traveling internationally and would like to exchange currency,Get started with your forex order by clicking on the button below.